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Start Your Free Trial HereExec Spec desires to offer a wide appeal to varied interests providing potential short and long term profit making opportunities as well as a deep educational presentation.

Unlike many, Exec Spec sticks its neck on the line in its forecasts with detail, often showing technical time and price windows to expect with many stock and commodity futures charts.  Short term and long term commodity and economic forecasts are often bold as well and have no bias impeding both positive and negative mapping of the future unlike most who have a decidedly myopic “one way” forever forecasts.

What we are not

  • We are not perennial Bears who stay negative and eventually catch a major economic contraction and then continually expect a renewed collapse around the corner.
  • We are not perennial optimists that always stay invested and miss the boat when massive predictable contractions and panics occur: 1980/1981-82/1987/1990-91/2000-2003/2007-2009
  • Over reliance on Random Walk theory or the Efficient Market Hypothesis ignores proven indicators and models, and prevents maximizing secular Bull expansions as well as sudden Bear market contractions.

4 reasons why Exec Spec can help protect and grow your portfolio like no one else:

  1. Safety and profits – While most investment newsletters are really little more than blogs using hype without bold advice or detail, Exec Spec is focused on spotting unique buying opportunities and protecting your money against losses. Our hypothetical model portfolio is “more or less impervious to declines.”
  2. An enormous track record. Allows accurate signals that can be utilized for portfolio outperformance. We spot trends and detect patterns that most other advisories miss.
  3. Clarity and education of technical analysis. Exec Spec offers enlightenment for investors to be better informed and more knowledgeable than most.
  4. Proven proprietary trading models. Multiple trades can be followed in stocks and commodity futures.

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