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Gig Economy is Up

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Automation and Artifical Intelligence (AI) are spurring an economic and cultural shift toward self employment as demand for traditional jobs are eliminated. Independent contractors and freelance workers (gig jobs) have risen beyond 53 Million workers or 34% of our labor force. Roughly 50% of Millennial workers are already a part of…

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US Dollar Importance is Fake News

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Currencies appreciate and depreciate for many reasons and either extreme isn’t necessarily good or bad.  Traditional economic theory holds that a cheaper domestic currency relative to other trading partners reduces imports and boosts exports as our widgets become cheaper from the perspective of other countries and inflation pressures rise as…

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Great Time to Expand Business

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Since the 2016 elections NFIB surveys of Small Business Optimism have soared, generating the most dramatic jump in expectations on record. With Corporate Tax cut stimulus effects still ahead and restrained capital spending data, it appears there is room for growing euphoria in 2018. Advisor Perspectives ( does a great job presenting…

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