3rd Test of SP 3320: 4th Test =Breakdown

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09-17-20   Market low due soon, but any break< SP 3310 risks quick drop to 3250s-3270s. Max’ risk currently 3150s-3160s. SP> 3380s allows push to upper end of Sep’ range. Medium technical low requires more time in downtrend. 09-16-20   Indices are falling back toward correction lows led by tech titans. Dec’…

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Election Inflection

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Once every four years investors contemplate the inflection point of electing a new President and its economic and personal portfolio impact. Most of the 58 Presidential elections since our country’s founding have been better than pessimists had feared, but inevitable political campaigning works overtime to convince us the end is…

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$ Fall Boosts Metals, Breaks Ags

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{select comments} 08-05-20    Gold/Silver Bull is nearing short term peak, yet higher prices into September likely before seasonal break. Longer term the metals should stay in uptrend until vaccine & herd immunity allow economy to open up fully in 2021. Dollar breakdown – typical during early Recession recovery –…

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