Meet Kurt Kallaus – The Executive Speculator

Kurt Kallaus - The Executive Specator

“I passionately provide stock and commodity futures traders and investors with technical and fundamental analysis, commentary on specific stocks, indices, futures trades and portfolio allocation to avoid risk, preserve capital and profit from mispriced valuations both short term & long term.”  Kurt Kallaus


Kurt Kallaus is the author of Exec Spec and the KDelta trading model for stocks and all commodity futures. In the 1980’s, with a business degree and having worked in manufacturing, Kurt Kallaus engaged with a private Investment Partnership specializing in commodities and stock indexes.

He was certified a Commodity Trading Adviser (CTA) in 1985 (currently inactive)  to provide advice and services related to trading in futures contracts, commodity options and swaps.

Kurt Kallaus launched the Exec Spec advisory newsletter with the onset of the great 1982 Bull Market. Along with a broad economic and long term perspective on the economy and major investment markets, Exec Spec’s unique breakout pattern trading model KDelta was created.

From this success Exec Spec turned private for over 20 years while a partner in a machine tool company in the early 1990’s. He placed fifth in the premiere national futures contest – World Cup Championship for futures trading.

During this period Kurt Kallaus was and remains a Director of investment funds for a charitable foundation he leads and has recently begun offering his expertise again to the public and financial wealth managers through Exec Spec.

Exec Spec is an advisory letter that uses technical and fundamental analysis to examine many financial markets, stocks and economic metrics. Since 1985 Exec Spec has created investment and trading models and offered forecasts, advice and trading signals for long and short term perspectives.

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