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Buyer Beware in October

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Often Oil prices and stocks move in the same direction. This is logical longer term when considering an expanding economy is coincidentally good for earnings of stocks as well as the rising demand for Oil to feed a growing economy. While there will be periods of divergent trends, the past…

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Trump Feigns Amazon Attack

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As the Amazon Death Star continues to devour brick and mortar retailers and infiltrate homes of adoring fans from coast to coast, President Trump has taken time from his Trade War threats against China to tweet reminders that he still plans to slow Amazon’s ascendance, calling them a “no tax…

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Amazon Shrugs

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The Amazon Death Star is the Atlas of this meteoric 9 year old stock market rally. Stock markets have fallen over 10% in about a week, bewildering investors, while Amazon shrugs. Without serious interruptions, Amazon and other tech titans have increasingly dominated their markets. In spite of large competitors such as…

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