Currencies Reaching Extremes on COT Hedger Data

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Hedger data indicates that these markets are overbought:  September New Zealand $. Seasonal rally due in July that may provide Sell side entry. Downside risk until mid Aug’ or late Sept’. : Sept’ Swiss Franc remains oversold. Any decline into July 5th may provide entry point to go long <112. : Sept’ British Pound approaching possible peak by 2nd half of July for a Sell in the 128 – 130 zone. : Sept’ Canadian $ also near extreme oversold. Potential Buy entry between July 5th to 19th timeframe if there is a further decline toward 7200 – 7250. :  Sept’ Coffee remains overbought. Possible Sell entries on rallies into late July or late August in the 230’s – 240’s. :  December Cotton is oversold. Possible Buy entry if retest of 70 – 72 zone in July. : Dec’ Soybean Oil nearing oversold extreme with possible Buy entry in July 5th to 12th period near 43 or lower


Comittment of Traders (COT) Report, RSI and Seasonals are setting up possible trades: Watchlist

potential Swiss Franc Buy  Jul 5 or late Sept seasonal lows, currently overbought

potential Canadian$ Buy 7240-7270s with seasonal Low near Jun 18th; July 5th & 16th 

potential  Soybean Buy in June-August during seasonal windows near June 27, Jul 5th, Aug 7th. Momentum oversold now.

potential Soybean Oil Buy with seasonal Low near June 26 & July 5th; Momentum oversold now

potential Cotton Buy late June – mid July with seasonal Low; Momentum oversold here

potential Coffee Sell looking for top Jun 6 & 28th, Jul 26, Aug 30


[ KDelta Futures Trader Portfolio model below for Trade details of Pending, Open & Closed position tables]

Trading Models:

P/(L) per $10,000 uses multiplier so all trades are of equal margin per $10,000 investment)

See our Risk Disclaimer at the bottom. Note that familiarity with Futures Trading is assumed for readers. 

 KDelta Futures Trader is a proprietary short term breakout model created in the 1980’s that generates about 3 trades a month. Readers should periodically check this site for updates as not all updates generate email notifications.

Open Trades 2024:

DateCommodityBuy/SellEntryExit targetStop

Closed Trades 2024:

Entry DateCommodity SignalEntryExit DateExitP/L contract=$5,091P/L per $10k=$17,982
05-24-24Buy Jul Oil77.0405-31-2477.747001062
05-24-24Sell Jul KC Wheat71405-28-241187(1000)(4329)
03-26-24Sell May Beans1207.503-28-24118710253882
03-19-24Sell June Hogs102.703-25-24102.12401454
03-14-24Sell Jun LCattle185.6503-19-24185.3120445
02-05-24Buy Mar BeanOil446102-07-2445354442018
01-16-24Sell Mar Yen690501-19-24680812124239
01-02-24Sell Mar Yen717701-09-24704516505769
01-02-24Buy Mar BeanMeal379.401-05-24375(440)(1739)

Closed Trades 2023:

Profit single
Profit $10k
Oil Dec Sell11-07-2380.6511-14-2379.451,2001,652
10 Year Mar Buy11-01-23107-0011-09-23107-299063,876
Sugar Oct Sell09-22-2327.0409-26-2326.011,1547,805
Coffee Sep Buy07-21-23158.607-24-23163.71,9122,575
Gold Aug Buy07-07-23192007-18-2319553,5003,833
Cocoa Sept Sell07-06-23336907-14-2333402901,843
Silver Sept Buy07-10-23230507-12-2324346,4506,172
Oats Dec Sell07-07-2344007-12-234191,0505,303
Peso Sept Sell07-10-23579007-12-235806(80)(520)
BeanOil Dec Sell07-10-23610507-11-232610500
HeatOil Aug Sell07-10-232578007-11-2325880(420)(516)
BeanOil Dec Sell07-06-23603507-10-236130(570)(1645)
Swiss Sept Buy06-14-23111.8606/30/23111.9050100
Euro Sept Sell05-05-23110.0005/17/23109.0012503788
Cocoa Sept Sell04-14-23288804-18-232946(580)(3687)
5 Year Sept Sell04-06-23111.0504-18-23109.233582327
Dollar June Buy04-14-23100.8504/17/23101.9010503818
NatGas May Buy04-11-23218504/12/232109(760)(1,727)
Coffee May Buy03-31-23168.604/03/23175.626253535
Wheat May Buy03-24-2367504/05/23679200649
Euro June Buy03-08-23106.1003/15/23107.1513124502
SoyMeal May Sell02/22/23154203/02/231499340014,718
Gold April Buy02/06/231876.602/09/231876.600
Crude Oil March Sell01/20/2381.7501/31/2377.903,8505,000

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