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Frackers Trump OPEC

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Frackers rule! The House of Saud may want to stabilize Brent Oil above $60 or $70 a barrel, but OPEC and Russia no longer control prices and haven’t since the 2015 energy recession. Every time OPEC cuts production they essentially transfer that lost output as a gift to the US. Despite our long…

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Where in the World is R* and Phillips Curve Inflation?

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Our October report reviewed the limitations of the Phillips Curve in forecasting inflation as it relates to unemployment. Essentially economists interpretation of Phillips posit that lower unemployment equates to higher inflation. This view was created in the 1970’s post Gold/Currency Standard during the inflationary Baby Boom employment surge. Should the overall CPI rise above…

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Buyer Beware in October

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Often Oil prices and stocks move in the same direction. This is logical longer term when considering an expanding economy is coincidentally good for earnings of stocks as well as the rising demand for Oil to feed a growing economy. While there will be periods of divergent trends, the past…

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