Fed Misses on Inflation, Again

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Most economists underestimated the stellar first quarter GDP of 3.2 percent and increasingly doubt their consensus 2020 recession forecast. While we also assumed a softer first quarter, we have remained Bullish on the economy and still  expect no recession the next 2 years as the consensus of economists and CEO’s…

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Investors Appreciating the Dollar

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In 1944 the dominance of the US Dollar was codified in the Bretton Woods agreement establishing it as the reserve currency of the planet. The Dollar was the natural choice since the world needed finite Gold backed currencies to prevent excess inflation and the US held 75 percent of the worlds gold. …

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Energy Market Near Seasonal Top

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Since we forecasted the early 2016 low with Oil near $26, we have remained long term Bullish. In late 2018 we projected an intermediate correction low in this Oil Bull market down to the lower $40’s and later we targeted a rebound above $60 in the Spring. Recent minor projections…

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Ags, Softs and Meats Outlook

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As we review the perishable markets here we would note that theses commodities, despite Bullish conditions, are extremely tethered to the outcome of the US and China trade Deal due coming months. When a trade agreement arrives, we expect the US Dollar to commence a longer term decline as global growth…

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