Energy Market Near Seasonal Top

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Since we forecasted the early 2016 low with Oil near $26, we have remained long term Bullish. In late 2018 we projected an intermediate correction low in this Oil Bull market down to the lower $40’s and later we targeted a rebound above $60 in the Spring. Recent minor projections…

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Ags, Softs and Meats Outlook

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As we review the perishable markets here we would note that theses commodities, despite Bullish conditions, are extremely tethered to the outcome of the US and China trade Deal due coming months. When a trade agreement arrives, we expect the US Dollar to commence a longer term decline as global growth…

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Work Less Earn More

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Working fewer hours at higher pay sounds like a good thing. It may be better than it sounds. Both high skilled white collar and lower skilled blue collar jobs are requiring less education, offering more perks with less drug testing and above normal wage gains. Listening to politicians one might think…

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Car Loans Crash – No Impact

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By early 2008, a few months after a major Bull market peak in stocks, Yellow Flags on the US economy had turned Red across the spectrum. Bond spread risks were spiking, consumer and business confidence surveys collapsing and many indicators were signaling trouble. Today’s purveyors of gloom haven’t given up the ghost…

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The Dog Ate My Eurozone Recovery

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European dysfunction is making Trump’s economic ‘strategery’ look prescient. We all know that Trade Wars are bad for all economies, yet the US economy accelerated in 2018 while all others have slowed to a crawl as US tariff threats across multiple continents became reality. Perpetually fractured European leadership sat on its hands in…

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