Gold Rush Losing Glitter

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Smart Money Shifts to Gold With Billionaires George Soros, Stanley Drukenmiller, Paul Singer and what seems like every analyst on the planet talking up Gold, what can go wrong? In fact it’s impressive that the alleged “Smart Money” has also surged into Gold ETF’s (exchange-traded funds holding Gold assets).  Looking back over 7…

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HS Model +130%

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HS Hedger Portfolio 2016 05-18-16 = +131% Profit on Closed Trades HS is a longer term contrary opinion investment model using a diversified portfolio. Profitable trade duration average = ~ 7 weeks {vs KDelta model trades average about 2 days} Pending Trades Entry              …

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Durable Good and Bad

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Another Tale of Two Worlds Our personal background expertise is exposed to the materials sector of manufacturing. We produce the tools and heavy duty machines for many industries all over the globe. In our parochial servicing of global demand we continue to see a recession tinged slowing of demand. Shrinking profit margins and rising employee terminations in our…

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