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$ Fall Boosts Metals, Breaks Ags

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{select comments} 08-05-20    Gold/Silver Bull is nearing short term peak, yet higher prices into September likely before seasonal break. Longer term the metals should stay in uptrend until vaccine & herd immunity allow economy to open up fully in 2021. Dollar breakdown – typical during early Recession recovery –…

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3rd Test of SP 3320: 4th Test =Breakdown

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09-17-20   Market low due soon, but any break< SP 3310 risks quick drop to 3250s-3270s. Max’ risk currently 3150s-3160s. SP> 3380s allows push to upper end of Sep’ range. Medium technical low requires more time in downtrend. 09-16-20   Indices are falling back toward correction lows led by tech titans. Dec’…

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