KDelta Stocks Ready to Trigger Despite Need for Pause

2016 KDELTA Stocks  portfolio update                  03-29-16

Strong stock market Buy signals from January and February remain valid, yet modest overbought conditions are growing short term. Fed Chair Yellen sent stocks higher today as she removed any doubt that rate hikes were imminent. Yellen countered  Hawks on her Board insisting rates would not rise before the economic data heated up further. Continued job growth will keep the markets on edge, but more crystal clear data from the Personal Consumption Expenditure Index (PCE) and Purchasing Managers Surveys (PMI) will be required before worry over rate hikes become a near term reality. In our opinion the regional Fed indices have all jumped back from recession thresholds in March to hint that PMI data will improve near the end of April when talk of further rate hikes may start to worry traders once again.

2016 YTD KDelta P/(L) = +0.96%   vs SP 500 Index = +0.60%[wlmprivate “Annually|Bi-Annually|Monthly|Free Trial”]    

Each position= 5% portfolio unless specified

Pending trade order (Buy Stop entries unless specified)

Stock:     Buy Stop:                 Exit price: Projected gain      P/L Stop post entry

Buy AU 14.32                                   15.48            8.1%                           13.42

Buy CL 71.57                                    77.48            8.25%                         68.58

Buy FSLR 74.86                                91.50         22.2%                            71.86

Buy GS 158.91                               167.67            5.5%                          155.50

Buy LRCX 85.71                               99.48          16.0%                           82.27

Buy SLM 6.69                                     7.36          10.0%                           6.28


Open positions   Entry               Profit  Exit                        Trailing Exit Stop

03-28-16 Buy MMC 60.23            64.11      6.44%                      59.10

Total KDelta short term portfolio 5% invested


Closed Positions 2016:

.                                                                                                  P/(L) % to

.                                                                                                  Portfolio at

Entry                                           Exit               Profit/loss    5%/trade

02-16-16 Buy PNRA 200.55         03-03-16 214.9    7.15%          0.36

March results = =0.3575    YTD = +0.96%

02-23-16 Buy HIMX 9                  02-24-1    8.59      (4.5%)        (0.227)

02-16-16 Buy USAT 3.80             02-23-16  3.88       2.1%           0.105                  

02-19-16 Buy HON 107.42          02-23-16  104.31 (2.9%)         (0.14)

02-16-16 Buy ORBC 7.88             02-18-16  8.20       4.1%           0.205             

02-03-16 Buy AEM 30.70            02-08-16  34.4       12.3%         0.615

02-02-16 Buy ACC 42.00             02-08-16  42.40     0.94%         0.047

February results = +0.832%   YTD= +0.605%

January results   = 0


{Results 2014=+10%; 2015=-1% vs SP 500 Index –(1%)}[/wlmprivate]


Disclaimer and Notice:  This report may contain information on investments that are high risk and have substantial risk of principal loss.  It is for informational purposes only. Statements in this communication are not statements of fact are merely opinions or forward looking statements from a potentially biased source(s) that involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual future results to differ materially from any prior or projected results. Statements in this communication may be inaccurate and/or unsuitable for you.  You must perform your own due diligence.  Your investment decisions should always be made based on your specific financial needs, suitability, objectives, goals, time horizon and risk tolerance.  Any decision is at your sole discretion and at your sole risk.  You are advised to consult with your individual investment and tax professionals before making any investment.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results.



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