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Exec – SpecJune SP 4-15-15

[wlmprivate “Annually|Bi-Annually|Monthly|Free Trial”] A pair of 9 to 10 week trading ranges is tough to get excited about. Technically the charts and skepticism are building for an upside breakout. If a burst of energy carries prices easily into new highs over the next month it may be a last hurrah for a while, so enjoy the profits and be ready to hedge at higher levels. [/wlmprivate]

If major US stock index  prices have failed to break to new highs before any Grexit occurs, then our prices are vulnerable to a short term downdraft before another run to new highs.We favored a Greek exit from the European Union by Summer when we last reviewed the probabilities in February. The market realization of phase one of an exit appears to be filtering into the European stock markets. While a few down days or even a few weeks of price pressure are possible as the realization matures, but like most analysts, we don’t expect a contagion with other weak sisters in Europe at this point unless the Eurozone economy weakens further. 

Stocks 2015

KDELTA Stocks  portfolio update                       04-15-15

Each position= 5% portfolio unless specified

Pending trade order (Buy Stops unless specified)        Red = new since last update

Stock      Buy Stop                          Exit price   Projected gain

Buy BBBY 79.65                                83.58      4.9%

Buy PAY 36.53                                  38.77      6.1%

Buy SAVE 85.36                                89.67      5.0%

Buy SCHW 31.18                              35.98     15.4%

Buy TER 20.50                                  21.99       7.3%

Buy TPH 16.58                                 18.03       8.75%

Buy TSN 44.25                                 47.18       6.6%


Open positions   Entry                   Profit  Exit           Stop Exit

04-15-15 Buy JPM 63.62                     66.87      5.1%

04-15-15 Buy NFLX 489.30               563.75    15.2%    505

(NFLX after hours entry – cancel if entry is missed)

05-15-15 Buy RDN 17.51                      18.75      7.1%      16.80

03-26-15 Buy HOT 85.41                     93.21     9.1%       82.61

03-24-15 Buy DHI 27.85                      31.19   12.0%       27.85


Total KDelta short term portfolio 30% invested

Long Term Stock Portfolio  90% invested as per Exec Spec newsletter]


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