KDelta Short Term Stock Market Model

Exec – Spec KDelta stock trading model update:

Since the end of July 2015 we have refrained from KDelta Stock updates, preferring active shorter term investors remain in 100% in the safety of cash during what we perceived to be a high risk time for the stock market. Our return was zero in January vs the -5% loss in the SP 500 Index. [wlmprivate “Annually|Bi-Annually|Monthly|Free Trial”]

Blue chip stock indices have fallen 15% intraday from their peak to the January 20th low. To this point this KDelta model has ignored employing ETF’s to actually Sell Short the general stock market despite our Bearishness. This may change for small core positions when warranted.

Our outlook basis our Exec Spec newsletter correctly adopted a more Bullish posture for long term investors 2 days after the January spike low on the 20th. While we also told readers to expect another retest of that Jan’20th low between mid-February and mid-March, we have enough Buy trigger setups nearby in individual names to advise a few potential trades (below).

While a select few individual names can move higher short term, we expect topping action over the next couple of weeks and strong short term resistance in the general stock market in the SP 500 Index  1950’s or 195 – 196 basis SPY’s ETF.

2016 KDELTA Stocks  portfolio update                  02-01-16

Pending trade order (Buy Stops entries unless specified)

Stock:     Buy Stop:                              Exit price:    Projected gain:   Stop loss upon entry  

Buy AEM 30.70                           34.48          12.3%   If entered Stop=29.14

Buy (limit order) ACC 42.00      45.37           8%       If entered Stop=40.30

Buy EUO 26.28                            27.18           3.4%    If entered Stop=25.88

Buy HON 107.42                        117.73          9.6%    If entered Stop=103.42


Open positions   Entry                 Profit  Exit            Stop Exit


Total KDelta short term portfolio 0% invested since 07/2015


Closed Positions: recent hypothetical model trades


(Results 2014=+10% vs 11% SP 500 Index; 2015=-1% vs -1% SP 500 Index; 2016 =0% vs -5% S&P 500 Index)


KDelta Stocks 2016

P/(L) % to

Portfolio at

Entry                                         Exit              Profit/loss    5%/trade


Jan  [/wlmprivate]


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