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2016 KDELTA Stocks  portfolio update                  02-05-16

2016 YTD KDelta P/(L) = 0%   vs SP 500 Index = -(8%)

In an environment where stocks have been in a correction in the US and globally since last July and after significant price corrections in January we have either been in cash or buying selectively. Year to date stocks are down about 8% and the KDelta portfolio is actually positive when including our current open positions. A short to medium term bottom will occur when Oil has bottomed, which we have been forecasting for months to occur later this month or by mid-March. 

[wlmprivate “Annually|Bi-Annually|Monthly|Free Trial”]Each position= 5% portfolio unless specified

Pending trade order (Buy Stops entries unless specified)     Red = new since last update

Stock:     Buy Stop:                  Exit price:    Projected gain:     P/(L) Stop post entry  

Buy HON 107.42                        117.73          9.6%                          (103.42) [/wlmprivate]


Open positions   Entry               Profit  Exit            Stop Exit

02-02-16 Buy ACC 42.00              45.37    8%           42.40

02-03-16 Buy AEM 30.70             34.4     12.3%       31.55

Total KDelta short term portfolio 10%  invested

Closed Positions 2016:


{Results 2014=+10%; 2015=-(1%) vs SP 500 Index = -(1%)}




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