KDelta Futures Model up 81% in 2015

K DELTA 2015: Commodity futures trading system

Updated 01-23-15

KDelta profit =+81% for 2015 YTD

2014 single contracts per signal=$49,937 which = +500% on a $10,000 account starting value

There have been 7 trades closed out in January to date. Here is a the result of a recent signal shared with readers before the trade was triggered.

Oil 1-15

Open positions:

01-22-15 Sell March British Pound B6H 15026   Exit 14894

01-16-15 Sell March Soybean Meal ZSH 990-6   Exit 950-4

Pending Signal using Buy or Sell Stops only:

Buy J6H 8664  or Sell J6H 8218

Sell RBH 131.9

Sell QMH 4479    Exit  4357

Sell HOH 15622   Exit 15050

Sell S6H 11353   Exit 10891

Below: $P/(L)/contract=profit and loss of single contract trade per signal   

  P/L % margin= profit & loss per trade based upon margin required per contract                                                     

……………………………………………………………………….. $ P/(L)       P/L

Date  Signal   Entry             Exit date/price         Contract     %margin

01-13-15 Sell ZMH 336.9      01-20-15      322.2      1470              67%

01-15-15 Sell NQH 4080.5    01-16-15    4101.5      (420)            (11%)

01-12-15 Sell HOG 16714    01-13-15      16316       1671               44%

01-12-15 Sell QMG 4682     01-13-15         4545       685                37%

12-15-14  Sell HEG 83.25      01-06-15      78.17      2032             154%

01-02-15 Sell D6H 8544        01-05-15       8472        720               57%

12-30-14 Sell CLG 53.97        01-05-15       50.03     1970             105%

January results: 6 wins & 1 loss: P/L=$8,128= +81% gain on $10k account

Assume a $10,000 opening account & one contract per trade/signal

Legend: Currencies: Australian $=A6, British Pound=B6, Canadian $=C6,New Zealand $=N6, Euro=E6, Yen= J6, Swiss Franc=S6, US Dollar=DX.  Ags: Corn= ZC, Wheat=ZW, Soybeans=ZS, Soybean Meal=ZM, Soybean Oil=ZL, Oats=ZO, Wheat=ZW, KC Wheat=KE. Metals: Copper=HG, Gold=GC, Silver=SI, Platinum=PL, Palladium=PA. Stock Indexes: SP 500=ES, Dow/DJIA=YM, Nasdaq=NQ, Mini-Russell 2000=TF. Softs: Cocoa=CC, Coffee=KC, Sugar=SB, Cotton=CT, Orange Juice=OJ, Lumber=LB.  Bonds: T-Bonds=ZB, 10 Year Note=ZN, 5 Year Note=ZF. Energies: RB=Unleaded Gasoline; HO=Heating Oil; CL= Crude Oil; QM=mini-Crude Oil

Japan: Yen devalues

One of our pending KDelta signals is discussed in the 2nd chart below. For those that can remember the US and other countries feared Japan’s economic dominance more than China or any other country for decades. Without natural resources the dominant Japanese export machine led a Yen appreciation that confounded its trading partners. The massive Japanese public debt (140% of GDP) masked much of their financial vulnerability. This was exposed 3 years ago as the US mortgage triggered “Deflation” wave swept the world.  To combat the deflationary contraction that afflicted them since 2008 and stagnant GDP, Japan embarked upon the boldest Quantitative Easing (QE) scheme of all, far greater that the US or Europe. Having witnessed the positive outcomes in the UK and the US relative to the world from their own QE’s, Japan decided that there is no risk of a panic in the short term, thus unlimited QE should be used to print money and encourage riskier lending and spending that has been lacking for many years. Should inflation return someday due to a devalued Yen or panic consumption then it’s assumed the central bank can just extract currency from its banks and sell assets as needed. Despite printing $676 Billion a year, Japan’s GDP is still contracting and inflation is less than 1%. The Oil collapse is beneficial long term, but only adds deflation pressure and emboldens their desire to inflate monetary policy to keep inflation up. Their goal is over 2% CPI. The 8 year lows in the Yen will help Japanese exports while QE keeps buying up bonds and risky assets. QE is a grand experiment to be sure for which text books are waiting to be written with great anticipation. The history books will show that QE can’t stop panics in the long run and may create larger financial tsunami’s down the road we suspect.

Thus, despite the technical oversold extremes on the depreciating Yen, until the world economy and inflation trend higher, we should expect the Yen to trend still lower. A massive short covering rally is waiting out there in the Yen and likely a Eurozone economic acceleration higher this year will be a trigger.

yen monthly

While the bias is to the downside, the technical KDelta pattern forming in the Yen short term almost guarantees either a Buy or Sell signal in coming days will be triggered. 7927 and 80 are very important support targets should prices break lower soon.

yen 1-15

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