Frequently Asked Questions

The Exec Spec newsletters are published every four weeks (12 issues per year). The Exec Spec interim reports and live trade signal updates are also released frequently each month as needed & when signals occur.

I recommend at least $10,000, ideally $25,000. Less funding is possible, but undercapitalization becomes a risk with drawdowns and diversification. Most individual trades should use no more than 10% of the account for margin in a trade. Larger accounts use a cap of less than 3%.

Although Exec Spec’s many technical tools in its trading model  include short-term indicators, our primarily focus addresses the needs of long-term capital gain oriented investors. Exec Spec may advise 100% cash to 100% stock investments for long term investors on occasion. All commodities are discussed at times in a macro perspective, but primarily this focus uses short term technical models to make profits. Long term may be a year to 10 years ahead while we also present many timing tools covering stocks, commodities and economic trends that short term. In addition trading models can be subscribed to for mechanical trade signals with their track records.

Monetary, economic, seasonality, spreads, fund flows, breadth, momentum and a great deal of various sentiment indicators are utilized by Exec Spec In addition very important proprietary indicators developed since 1984 are shared in active models presented in detail with frequent actionable signals. Historical track records are frequently shared.

All of our proprietary model trades have equal merit and all futures and stock trades should be considered, but traders and investors should be consistent if trying to apply their own emotional/technical filter to Exec Spec trade signals. Trading for yourself is best if you have a discount broker with a chart friendly commodity or stock platform for viewing trades and placing orders as well as having a clear knowledge of symbols and risk as we highlight in our disclaimer. Use a full service broker if new to trading. Live data feed is ideal, but not required using our model with discipline.

What are the qualities of a successful trader? Sufficiently capitalized, persistence, self discipline. emotional control, objectivity in trading, and the ability to take losses in a timely and prompt fashion.

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