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Heavy Metal

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Gold Naturally Gold and precious metals have floundered the past year due to surplus Oil, accelerating commodity deflation and Chinese manufacturing weakness.  Gold is 40% cheaper than 4 years ago. With rising middle eastern military conflicts, surging Chinese Gold reserve demand and the strongest seasonal 3 month period of the year one might have expected a strong demand…

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KDelta Gains on Nat Gas Fall as Commodity Deflation Continues

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K DELTA 2015: Commodity futures trading system Updated 09-23-15 KDelta profit YTD = 677% Gain or $67,749 for 2015:  YTD = 66 wins & 30 losses 69% winning trades with no compounding using single contracts on $10,000 hypothetical initial balance. (Italic=New trades/changes since last free update) Open positions: Entry               Exit            …

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