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Copper Breaks Out

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Commodities Bottoming On January 28th in our “Copper-Bottom” report we said “copper should continue a modest rally near term from the $1.90’s to perhaps the $2.20’s”. In the chart below you can view an upward biased trading range since that report as Copper broke sharply higher this week into the $2.20’s….

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Oil Glut Thickens

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Oil & Gasoline Inventories Still Surging The bad news for the economy and industrial sector is the growing oil glut. The good news is there is a strong seasonality where we expect inventories to peak in the March – May time frame and decline into the July – September period. Prices tend to…

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China Desires Fixed Free Market

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5 Year Plan China craves respect. In order to join the esteemed high income Western democracies it has to open its financial borders, float its currency and allow business the freedom to succeed and fail. China’s thirteenth 5 Year Plan is due to be revealed formally this month to achieve these and many other specific objectives…

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