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business man in suit performing a tightrope act over the Shanghai skyline

China Watch

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China is walking a tightrope – Shan gao huangdi yuan Managing expectations and its stock market since 2011, China continues trying to bring their “shadow banking” market to heel without creating a panic and economic stall speed. Clearly Bernanke/Yellen with our Federal Reserve Bank have been more successful. China’s Shadow banking…

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euro map

Europe – money supply

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European Central Bank (ECB) has drained monetary reserves If one wonders why there is such a bifurcated world between an ever growing US economy and a recessionary economy such as Europe, look no further than the Central Banks. While the US Fed added over $3 Trillion in funny money to our…

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Rebound on hold

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Housing slump from 2008 Easy credit, lax oversight, tech Bubble Billions, Government policies dictating unqualified home ownership and a demographic peak in Baby Boomers needing homes are all factors in the parabolic housing Boom and Bust. With the weak income recovery and tighter lending policies resulting from the 2008 recession,…

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