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KDelta Short Term Stock Market Model

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Exec – Spec KDelta stock trading model update: Since the end of July 2015 we have refrained from KDelta Stock updates, preferring active shorter term investors remain in 100% in the safety of cash during what we perceived to be a high risk time for the stock market. Our return…

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Dr Copper’s Negative Prognosis The best cure for low prices is — lower prices. A strong Dollar, declining demand growth rates in China amidst a demographic deceleration in the Western world have kept Copper and most commodities in a long term tailspin. It’s rare that commodities experience such protracted Bear…

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China and Oil’s Rational Dissipation

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Demographic Reality Hits China debt bubble, Oil junk credit crunch, commodity & emerging market depression, Russian brinkmanship and terrorism are the top themes for 2016.  Only an exogenous event spiking Oil prices and 2nd quarter seasonality are likely to temporarily extinguish these negative themes continuing in 2016. Like the obesity epidemic warping our waste-lines, the  primary anchor dragging…

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