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Providing valuable economic and financial insight into US and Global capital markets for 30 years.

Exec Spec addresses perspectives of all time frames for political, monetary and technical trends and most importantly how they affect investors and traders with beneficial advice that is actionable. Buy and sell signals are presented with track records for stocks and commodity futures markets along with expectations and commentary. 

  • Clear Insights & Strategies on assets and economics

    09-22-2022 “we expect another rally phase to start between now and October 13th... we feel strongly that the inflation downtrend will begin anew on October 13th .... Any panic liquidation should offer a short to medium term buying opportunity for investors" Actual: Bear market low October 12, 2022 followed by 4 month rally.

  • 30+ Commodity Futures Analyzed

    including Dow/SP, Gold, Oil, Bonds, Currencies, Grains…{63% of hypothetical live trade signals posted in 2022 were winners}

  • 100+ Individual Stocks covered

    for portfolio model trading. This mechanical system keeps exposure low with frequent short term signals.

Don’t entrust your financial fate to the capricious whims of the marketplace. Start receiving astute insight through my monthly Executive Speculator newsletter.

Key Benefits of The Speculator Include:

Futures Trading Model – KDelta

Accurate proprietary trading model mechanically signaling dozens of trades per year. 66% hypothetical winning trades in 2021 & 2022. On average 30 signals are provided yearly covering 40 commodities in the Exec Spec KDelta futures trading model {Dow, Gold, Euro, Treasuries, Oil, Ags, Softs…}. Our volatility shift breakout price chart patterns tend to resist new paradigms or changes in oscillator parameters that periodically negate effectiveness of many trading models. Brief updates on commodity trends are also shared.

Analysis of Economy and markets

Insightful look at factors and forecasts of US and global economies, monetary outlooks and various commodities. In depth analysis of labor markets, inflation, QE (Quantitative easing), global manufacturing trends and geopolitical conflicts with a heavy illustration of detailed charts to provide a better educational understanding of the world near and far and what to expect. While the vast majority of forecasters are Pollyanna or perpetually gloom and doom we have no agenda or fixation on a theory limiting our ability to adapt to a changing world for better or worse.

Stocks Trading Model

Frequent Buy and Sell signals for investors and traders, providing hypothetically positive returns. Exec Spec utilizes our proprietary KDelta model and seasonality to identify movers with the highest potential for accuracy while utilizing inverse hedges and cash during corrective periods to outperform benchmark indicies.

Frequent brief commentary provided to fine tune near term stock market forecasts with price and time target expectations.

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